• Medical Healthcare Technology in Future

Meta Medical Technology owns the next generation ideas of healthcare technology in different clinical areas such as telemedicine; AI-imaging processing in medical imaging; Data science in patient data statistics or VR healthcare application

Our products and services

Secured Telemedicine

Our telemedicine system is designed for the professional medical healthcare sectors. Besides stability and user experience, we also consider security and privacy which is the primary concern of our clients. And yet the cost of using our technology is competitive.

AI medical image processing

The deep-learning technology, known as the AI method, dramatically improves diagnostic performance by automatically extracting features of complex and precise medical images, and comparing their differences. Image analysis by AI algorithm is superior to the traditional image analysis method. Please reach us for more details on how to get the benefits from this technology

Big data analysis

Big data in healthcare is a term used to describe massive volumes of information created by the adoption of digital technologies that collect patients’ records and help in managing hospital performance, otherwise too large and complex for traditional technologies.

The application of big data analytics in healthcare has a lot of positive and also life-saving outcomes. In essence, big-style data refers to the vast quantities of information created by the digitization of everything, that gets consolidated and analyzed by specific technologies. Applied to healthcare, it will use specific health data of a population (or of a particular individual) and potentially help to prevent epidemics, cure disease, cut down costs, etc.

Clinical concern is our primary attention